A Presentation Of Crystal Jewelry Necklaces

A Presentation Of Crystal Jewelry Necklaces

A Presentation Of Crystal Jewelry Necklaces

There are different stones to sparkles in your Crystal Jewelry necklaces and this article will mention some of the precious designs by different jewelry handcrafters with their suggested retail prices.

Let start with the necklace that combines the birthstones of April and May from the 4mm Swarovski’s Crystal AB with Jet Sterling faceted droplets of Swarovski Emerald stones for about a length of 21 inches round and surely a satisfying price of $65.  A 16 inches long of Sterling Silver necklace cascades with 4mm and 6mm Swarovski Clear Crystals faceted with 11mm Teardrops Crystals for only $89 named as Icicle Swarovski Crystal Necklace.

Next in line is a $65 Sterling Silver necklace wire wrapped a Swarovski Crystal that hangs with a handmade Sterling Silver Scrolls and at the end is a Swarovski Crystal Teardrop.  You can change the color of each crystals depends upon the motif of your wedding.  They call this as Cluster Teardrop Necklace.  Then followed with the Crystal Pearl and Clear Teardrop Necklace is a bridal necklace designed with 6mm Clear Swarovski Crystals, 4mm Swarovski Crystal Pearls and 13mm Clear Swarovski Crystal Teardrops for the price of $142.  This bridal necklace can round up your neck for about 13.5 inches long and like the previous necklace, you can change the crystal colors depends upon the motif of the wedding.

This elegant 15 inches long of pearl necklace is strung with 4mm White Freshwater Pearls and center drop for about 3 inches long of Sterling Silver.  And this elegant necklace price is only $76 named Waterfall Pearl Y Necklace.  The Champagne and Cream Bridal Lariat Necklace is made with a designed of strung 4mm Swarovski Crystals alternatively holed a 4mm Light Colorado Topaz and 6mm Clear Crystals at the end is a lariat loop and the other end had a 13mm Swarovski Clear Teardrop for only $85.

Another bridal necklace for about $87 is Champagne and Cream Clover Bridal Necklace rounded with 15 inches long and a center drop for about 2 inches.  This necklace has Champagne and Cream Swarovski Pearls, Light Colorado Topaz and a Clear Swarovski Crystals.  And a low-budget bridal necklace is called the Timeless White Pearl Bridal Necklace for only $50 with a potato shape 4mm White Freshwater pearls.

Next in line is a Simple Pearl Y Necklace that strung with 4mm White Freshwater pearls and a center drop of potato shape Freshwater pearls and at the end of the drop is a larger oval pearl for about $70.  Another bridal necklace is called the Butterfly Drop Bridal Necklace also in market for only $70 strung with White Pearl Butterfly shape Freshwater pearls and 4mm Clear Swarovski Crystals for about 15 inches long that suits your neck elegantly.

A $73 Delicate Crystal Bridal Necklace is made for about 15.5 inches long 4mm and 6mm Swarovski Clear Crystals and an elegant center stardust drop bead for about 4mm and 6mm Crystals.  One of the expensive bridal necklaces is a Top Drilled Cascade Bridal Necklace for about $183 because of its top drilled white freshwater pearls with a combination of 4mm and 6mm Clear Swarovski Crystals.

All of the above mentioned necklaces are now available at your nearest Crystal Jewelry shops especially if they are exclusive distributor of Swarovski Corporation’s Crystals.  You can check some of the online jewelry stores pertaining to the above necklaces.


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