A Jewelry Story of Crystal Proportions

A Jewelry Story of Crystal Proportions

A Jewelry Story of Crystal Proportions

It’s a proven fact that all great success stories start from scratch. All the huge strides men have made all throughout the last century have been because of artistic and creative thinking. Innovations and living situation developments have been present in our daily activities because of men and women that strive to achieve various life-long aspirations.

Various organizations and institutions have bravely set foot and constantly taken risks in order to bring out the best product in the market. The collection of crystal jewelry from Swarovski Crystals does not fall far from these success stories. In fact the pages this company has written in the fashion and glamour industry is really of crystal clear proportions.

But how did such company came into being? Just like every other fashion industry association Swarovski Crystal traces its root from the efforts of one man. Let’s focus the limelight on how Daniel Swarovski I made a difference with his unrelenting efforts and innovative creations.

The man behind the crystal collections started just like any normal entrepreneur. He earned his dues by undergoing an apprenticeship program under the direct observation of his very own father who was at that time was a glass cutter. The program lasted for about two years. As a native of North Bohemia, he diligently worked in order to acquire expertise in the field of glass cutting. Although he would have a sure fire career with a factory from his father he did not stop to look forward and improve. The event that transpired next would lead to a difference in his industry.

1892 came and saw the development of the inventor and innovator in Daniel. He made a breakthrough by creating a modern-day machinery that would change the landscapes of crystal cutting specifically in the process on which it is done. He then wisely applied for his very own patent of the machine. It was in 1895 that the company Swarovski came into being all because of the hard work and cunning of Daniel Swarovski.

As his company grew Daniel realized that there was an added need for power and water source. He also envisioned a factory building of his own in order for his aspirations of developing the crystal industry to be possible. He chose to move to Wattens, Tyrol as part of his strategy to keep the secrets of his invention and also to wave off possible competition.

The company Daniel built is steadfastly maintaining high standards and is still one of the leading groups in providing crystal jewellery across the globe. In fact a little bit of history can be traced by how much it has contributed to adding beauty in every woman’s exquisite features. By 1956 in cooperation with world renowned designer Christian Dior, Swarovski launched crystal jewelries which were inspired by the dashing light and visuals brought about by the Aurora Borealis in the North Pole. The market was captivated as nature was encased in every crystal jewelry and accessory.

Before crystal jewelries were even made famous the crystal industry started its mark through the 1976 Winter Olympics wherein a silver crystal mouse was made as part of the chandeliers.

Truly the work ethics and astounding aspirations of one man can make much of a difference anytime and anywhere. Daniel Swarovski I will be forever remembered as the pioneer of a jewelry story of crystal proportions.


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