DIY costume jewelry : Making Vintage Jewelry

DIY costume jewelry : Making Vintage Jewelry

DIY costume jewelry : Making Vintage Jewelry

Accessories are a fun way to personalize an outfit with your own unique flair, and these DIY jewelry ideas are offering fashionistas some creative ways to make such things as bracelets and necklaces straight from scratch.

While buying jewelry pieces from the mall is definitely a convenient way to add accessories to your wardrobe, finding designs that are unique and different from others is the challenging part. That's why opting to create a piece of jewelry yourself is a fun alternative that will surely provide you with something crafty and out-of-the-ordinary. From DIY activities that transform shark teeth into necklaces to projects that allow you to morph scarves and pieces of plastic into bangles, these DIY jewelry ideas will surely offer you some inventive ways to add unique accessories to your wardrobe.

Such a random kinda week for me.  Got my hair colored for the first time to cover a few grays
sprouting up in the front. I love it!  A demi-glaze (I think that's what it's called)
that makes it look a lot richer and shinier.
And then instead of making cards for friends, doing laundry, putting away my Easter decorations (or taking down my Christmas tree!
Woow! Can't believe I admitted that) I started making jewelry and a really big mess!

How to Making Vintage Jewelry with DIY costume jewelry 

With a vintage pendant and various vintage chains that I picked up at thrift shops and a yard sale, I put together this necklace.

Costume jewelry is something that’s easy to find at thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets. But figuring out what to do with old clip-on earrings is another thing – unless you make jewelry and can remake them into post earrings.

Or, um, that you would even want to wear them as earrings…which is not me.

Since I’ve always admired Ballard catalog’s fun push pins, I raided my stash of vintage jewelry in order to create my own versions using the tops of clip earrings, broken bracelets and old brooches as well as a button or two thrown in for good measure. You can read all about these thrift store transformations – including all the steps to make your own.

Best Way to DIY costume jewelry

Do you have old clip earrings, pins or costume jewelry stashed away somewhere? Me, too – I’ve picked up a lot of old buttons and jewelry over the years, thinking to use them in crafts. While most are very beautiful they really wouldn’t ever be used for their original purpose anymore.

Inspired by cute push pins from a catalog (Ballard, of course…), I went through my stash and quickly made up a few for my bulletin board.

I love how they turned out! These clip-back earrings, bone button with one hole (I can’t figure out how they were sewed on…) and regular buttons were just sitting in a container on a shelf. Now they’re out where they can be enjoyed on a daily basis.

What an upgrade from the standard thumbtack. And of course these pins will make great little gifts and are easy to tailor to the recipient – and how cool is it that it results in rescuing more cast-offs?


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