The Beauty of Crystal Jewelry Such as the Princess Cut Diamond Ring

The Beauty of Crystal Jewelry Such as the Princess Cut Diamond Ring 

The Beauty of Crystal Jewelry Such as the Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Some people believe that there is nothing much to philosophize about weddings or engagements because these are just a start of a new endeavor, a new life and a death of singleness. Contrary to these people’s opinion, there is much to philosophize and examine about weddings and engagements—especially the crystal jewelry to be used such as the ring.

Many soon-to-wed couples are actually into crystal jewelry when it comes to the accessory that they will wear for that momentous day because it is simply the most beautiful and most elegant to behold. To ensure that the crystal jewelry such as the ring will exude utmost sophistication, many of these couples are preferring princess cut diamond rings because these are simply breath-taking

A cut fit for royalty

Aside from its gemstone, type of metal to be used in mounting it, and the size of the stone, one of the biggest considerations in looking for a crystal jewelry for weddings such as the ring. Mainly, it is the cut of the crystal jewelry that takes all the attention.

Among the various cuts of crystal jewelry in the market today, princess cut diamond rings are most popular ones especially in weddings or engagements. By definition, a princess cut refers to a special diamond cutting process that has a contemporary and modern appeal. Unlike the traditional round diamond cut, a princess cut has a square sparkling cut that highlights sparkling brilliance of diamond.

Aside from exemplifying tremendous allure and sophistication, most jewelers agree that a princess cut diamond engagement ring is becoming a popular choice among future brides because of its 76 facets and uncut corners usually mounted in a four-pronged setting. Here are some information your might need to know in purchasing that precious princess cut diamond engagement ring:

1.) Categorically, a princess cut belongs to the class of diamond shapes known as “fancy cuts.” If you’re looking for a princess cut diamond engagement ring, your basic guide are those rings that are cut in square or you may prefer a brilliant cut which is more expensive compared to others.

2.) If you are to choose a setting, consider a bezel setting because it is the most ideal among princess cut diamond engagement ring settings. Most jewelers suggest this setting because it makes the stone look larger than its actual size on the ring.

3.)  Be careful in choosing colors especially that of setting or mount because it can greatly affect the color of the stone or diamond on the ring. The basic rule is match the color of your setting with the color of the stone or diamond on your ring. If you have chosen a yellow gold in a bezel setting, choose   yellowish diamond; if you choose white diamond, consider using white gold or a platinum setting to highlight the color and clarity of your stone. Princess cut diamond engagement rings come in platinum, white gold and yellow gold.

4.) Shop around and look around. Although popular jewelry stores are the best and most reliable sources of princess cut diamond engagement rings, try looking around—it can be in less popular jewelry stores or online jewelers—because they can provide you with a product that suits your personal taste, preference and budget well.

5.) Have your ring evaluated by a certified and trusted gemologist to validate its grade and quality. In buying any crystal jewelry especially rings for weddings, make sure that you get the opinion of the expert to ensure that you're money will be worth it.

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