Taking Proper Care Of Your Crystal Jewelry

Taking Proper Care Of Your Crystal Jewelry

Taking Proper Care Of Your Crystal Jewelry

Some people are intimidated by cleaning their crystal jewelry.  The fact that they are so beautiful and so elegant, people are afraid that if the would be cleaning it incorrectly, its lustre and beauty would lessen.  Crystal jewelry is also associated with healing.  They are also referred to as healing crystals.  They are said to have natural energy that could help the body rejuvenate or strengthen its system.  This could also be another factor when cleaning them.

Crystals would retain its energy charge, but it would lose its energy within a few hours.  There are also cases that crystals would absorb negative kind of energy that can be felt by the user.  Therefore it is important to clear and recharge the crystals.  To clear a crystal, it can be placed or soaked in  sea salt, usually for the whole night until a couple of days.  After that, you can rinse it with some water and then put it under the sun.

Now, putting that aside.  Let’s talk about keeping your crystals shining all the time. Crystals would lose it s gleam because of its daily and long time use. Not that we purposefully neglect them, but because some activities would cause it to lose its shine, like applying lotion and makeup.  Aside from that, the skin releases natural oil which  also conceals the sheen of the jewelry.

Taking care of your crystal jewelry can actually be very inexpensive.  Jewelry stores would often sell different jewelry cleaning materials but if you prefer to make your own, then you can easily buy some materials in a grocery store. Baby wipes are a great way to rub off the dirt.  It does not contain harmful chemicals that could harm the jewelry. After wiping off the traces of dirt, dry it with cotton.  You can also use a soft cloth soaked in warm water.

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There would be times when baby wipes and soft cloth could not totally remove the dirt, you can use other cleaning methods.  Some would make their own cleaning solution, water, alcohol and dishwashing liquid.  Aside from dishwashing liquid, some would prefer using mild laundry detergent.  This can be mixed together to clean crystal jewelries.

A soft-bristled toothbrush can also be used to remove the dirt from the crystals, especially if it has corners or the design will have nooks that is difficult to reach by hand.  When using a toothbrush, remember that use is lightly and gently, you do not want to have the whole jewelry ruined because you brushed it like how you brush your teeth.

You can also soak the crystal jewelries in the same solution to totally remove the dirt.  But it do not over soak it, two minutes will be enough. Rinse the jewelry in lukewarm water, this will take off or wash away the remaining solution.  Be sure to dry it well with cotton cloth or tissue.  But be cautious when soaking crystal jewelries, some crystal jewelries would have gemstones or semi-gemstones.  The are never meant to be soaked!

The problem with gemstones, especially those semi-gemstones like malachite, amber, opal or jade, is that they are very porous.  Meaning, they can absorb the detergent and  chemicals overtime.  Absorption of these kinds of chemicals could eventually lead into the fading of colours of the jewelry.  It would be safe to use warm water and a soft cotton cloth to clean gemstones.

Proper cleaning and taking care of you crystal jewelry, would make you able to use it for a long period of time.  Crystals are timeless, since they represent elegance, charm and beauty.  So if you have one, it would be great to keep them shining for a long period of time.


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