Old School Crystal Jewelry

Old School Crystal Jewelry

Old School Crystal Jewelry

Crystal jewelry has come a long way since the time when Daniel Swarovski I introduced his innovative cutting machine. It has made its way into the comforts of homes and offices giving each room and area a sparkling ambiance that makes the occupant longing for more. It ahs been part of a series of significant happenings and events in the lives of so many people.

It has walked the aisle so many times ravishing the crowd with its beauty that blends well with that of the bride. It surely has and continues to leave the market in shear awe. But surely the jewelry cannot stand alone. Without the elegance of the crystal your precious jewelry is just an ordinary accessory. So with this in mind let’s turn on the old school music and take a peak of how crystals made their way in the lives of so many people.

It was around the second half of the 17th century when a man named George Ravenscroft who was a glassmaker by profession paved the way for the birth of pure lead crystals. Ravenscroft was looking for means to produce glassware that can boast of an improved clarity and luster. He succeeded upon creating a molten mixture that composed of lead oxide. In this manner he was able to alter the properties of glass drastically.

Certain changes included higher glass clarity and the refractive index of the glass came blowing off the charts. He also noted that there was a remarkable increase in the weight of the glass and it became more malleable that an opportunity to mold it easier without breaking it presented itself.  This brought about an instant bloom in the fame of Ravencroft’s glass. It easily spread in the markets of Europe and as far as that of America.

Moving further back into ancient times, the purpose of crystals was not only as accessories or jewelries. Crystals were associated with mystic powers and thus with the properties of healing all sorts of ailments and disorders. This is actually where the belief of crystals being associated with meditation and inner balance. Crystals were placed in special areas of the house and were readily worn during times of special events such as quests and battles.

Historians and archeologists have concluded that crystals were not only used for adornment purposes but more so inclined with that of the spiritual realm. A prehistoric monument proves how crystals were used by early civilization in order to communicate with nature and the after life. This monument is a solar temple known to history as the Newgrange. This is actually a sacred passage in the Boyne Valley found in Ireland.

This grave was built way earlier than the pyramids. Its orientation was done so as to facilitate sun streams to enter through the long tunnel entrance which is estimated to be about seventy feet. One noticeable feature that presented crystals was the white quartz that covered the roof. This was said to be made in honor of the White Goddess.

Other historical fact showcased crystals as common mediums utilized in healing and spiritual ceremonies that were done by the early settlers in South America. In the Far East, quartz crystal balls were usually associated with the essence of a powerful mythological creature which is the dragon. Back in ancient India chakras or energy center said to be located in various areas around the body is also tagged with crystals. This is where meditation methods of placing crystals across the body trace its root.

No matter how far crystal jewelry has reached in the modern day its old school background will surely be carved along with it as it continuously make longer and better strides.


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