Great Ideas for Handmade Ivory Products

Great Ideas for Handmade Ivory Products

Great Ideas for Handmade Ivory Products

Products that are handcrafted from ivory are sought-after these days because of their material’s innate beauty and charm. Lightweight yet durable, ivory comes from the tusk of animals such as elephants, mastodons, and mammoths. This is called a true ivory, and it is used as a material for some handcrafted products. Other products are made of faux ivory sources such as vegetable ivory and synthetic ivory. Today, finding handmade ivory products is a breeze because they are sold everywhere.

Are you looking for handcrafted ivory products to give as gifts or to use as décor items for your home? Here are some of the items you may want to consider:

• Necklace - It is one of the most popular uses of ivory for many years now. Ivory makes a gorgeous pendant when hand carved with a stunning design. Two of the most famous designs for ivory pendants are mini versions of mammoth tusks and fishhooks. Necklaces made of ivory look great when paired with ivory bracelets and earrings.

These ivory accessories go well with designer clothes or even casual outfits.
• Ivory dividers - When integrated into the design of dividers or panels, ivory can make a great accent piece. Typically, ivory is hand carved to create various designs such as animals and flowers for the surfaces of panels.

• Pottery - Ivory is a very hard material, and it does not easily break or crack. That is why this material is suitable for making bowls, cups, and other pottery items. You can find ivory pottery in antique stores, thrift stores, online stores, and specialty stores.

• Décor items - Many home décor items and figurines are made of hand carved ivory that shows intricate details. These ivory products come in various sizes. For example, some are so huge that they can cover an entire wall. Others can fit into a coffee table or a dining table. Regardless of the type of ivory figurines or decorative items you have at home, they will surely attract the attention of your guests.

• Letter openers - Yes, letter openers can be made out of ivory. Like other ivory products, letter openers are hand carved in different styles and designs. Examples of the commonly used designs for ivory letter openers include geometric patterns and African-inspired heads.

• Accessories - Buttons, pins, droplets, and what have yous—there’s something that’s made of ivory that can suit your taste when it comes to fashion. Accessories made of ivory are perfect gifts for any occasion or souvenir items. They are also widely available in specialty stores.

These are just a few of the handmade ivory products that you can choose from. Over the Internet, you can find more ivory products that carry a wide range of designs and sizes. If you are running on a tight budget, you may opt for products made of vegetable ivory, which is a cheaper alternative to authentic ivory made of animal tusks. Not only is it less expensive choice, but also an environmentally friendly one.


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