Gold has a varied history for more than making gold jewelry

Gold has a varied history- It used for more than making gold jewelry

Gold is a precious metal.  Historically, it has been used for stores of value (bars) for jewelry, electronics, dentistry, and as actual money (coinage).  It is a yellow element found in nuggets that can actually be ruby or black when divided. 

It is the most malleable metal known.  When other elements are it forms alloys.  This will increase the hardness and can create exotic colors.  Adding copper gives a redder color, iron more blue, platinum white, aluminum creates purple.

Gold conducts heat and electricity well.  Heat, moisture and corrosives have very little chemical effect gold.  This makes it well-suited for make coins and jewelry.  Since gold itself is soft, it is given the alloys to make it stronger and change its color.

When using gold for jewelry, it is measured in karats.  Pure gold is 24K.  It is generally sold as 22K, 18K and 14K.  This means silver or copper have been added for strength and color. 

Commonly we find the use of gold in jewelry making.  Designers create beautiful gold jewelry which sometimes are enhanced with diamonds and gemstones.  Gold and diamond jewelry makes wonderful presents.  In our society they are also used for wedding rings and in gift giving.

There are many other uses of gold such as:

1.    Embroidery Thread
2.    In computers, jet aircraft
3.    Dental crowns and bridges
4.    White gold can substitute for platinum

Gold has had a high value since prehistoric times and was used as a symbol of value, purity and royalty.  The price of gold has rise over the years indicating how it is valued in society.


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