Famous Diamonds around the world

Famous Diamonds

Around the world there are many diamonds that have been talked about or written about in various stories and official documents.  Famous diamonds are part of our world's history, and have been found in various parts of the world, by all types of people.  From royalty to the gods, famous diamonds are often as well known as the people who owned them.

For centuries diamonds, famous diamonds or otherwise, were used in the armor of warriors and the crowns of our kings and queens as a symbol of fearlessness. 

The Mountain of Light

One of the few oval shaped famous diamonds, the “mountain of light” was first mentioned in the year 1304.  It weighed an astounding 186 carats, and it is said that the diamond was set in the peacock throne of Shah Jehan as an eye of one of the peacock's.

During Queen Victoria's reign, the famous diamonds shape was altered a bit and it was recut to weigh 108.93 carats.  The diamond is currently one of the British Crown Jewels.

The Orloff

When the Orloff diamond was found, it was said that it weighed around 300 carats.  This gemstone of the famous diamonds is held at the Diamond Treasury of the former Soviet Union located in Moscow.

A story about the Orloff claims that the diamond was actually placed in the eye of a god, in the temple of Sri Rangen, which is how it became known as one of the world's famous diamonds.

The Regent

Before this incredibly large diamond of the famous diamonds was cut it weighed 410 carats!  Originally called “The Pitt”, after the English Prime Minister, William Pitt, it was cut into a rounded shape and consisted of more than 140 carats. 

In 1717, the diamond was sold to the Duke of Orleans, Regent of France.  It was then that the diamond was renamed “The Regent”.  When Louis XV had his coronation, the stone was set into his crown.

When the French Revolution ended, “The Regent” was owned by Napoleon Bonaparte, and was placed into the hilt of Bonaparte's sword.

Currently, the diamond is on display for all to enjoy in the Louvre.

The Blue Hope

The most well known of all famous diamonds, the Blue Hope is currently in the Smithsonian Institution located in the state of Washington.  It was owned by Louis XIV, and at the time was called “the blue diamond of the crown”. 

Sometime during the French Revolution, the Blue Hope diamond was stolen.  It was later found in London in the year 1830, where it was later purchased by Henry Philip Hope.  The blue hope diamond received it's name from this individual, as well as it's reputation for causing bad luck to those who owned it.  While Henry Philip Hope owned the precious blue diamond, each of his family  members died in extreme poverty. 

Continuing with the bad luck, a later owner of the Blue Hope, Mr. Edward McLean also lost many family members to poverty while he possessed the diamond.


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