Crystal Jewelry Wishlist

Crystal Jewelry Wishlist

Crystal Jewelry Wishlist

It is with no doubt and argument that one of God’s most exquisite and elegant creations is a woman. After being encased behind Adam’s shadows the modern day Eve has now been recognized and acclaimed especially in the fashion and entertainment industry. Women have been used to entice the male market into driving their pockets empty so as to get all sorts of products.

One of which is a jewelry that would lighten up the aura of their beloved lady. In line with this let’s take a look at a collection of crystal jewelries straight from the magnificent designs of the famous Swarovski crystals. You may want to take a closer look because your woman might have one of these in her wishlist.

Let’s kick things off by looking at precious crystal pendants that will truly make her neck elegant looking more than ever. You can have as one of your choices the clear crystal cross pendant on a rhodium chain. Next up straight from your heart you may say is a cognac heart pendant. This pendant comes with a dark brown waxed cotton cord that really accentuates its crystal form.

The next pendant that increases your options can come in mini and normal size. Make way for the galet light azore blue pendant. Again it comes in a brown cord. What makes this baby dashing is the Aurora Borealis feature is boasts off. You can be mesmerized by the spectrum of colors that may come into life during lighting changes.

There are also certain pendants that truly manifest Swarovski’s connections with nature. These pendants come in flower and animal forms. One of which is the light amethyst mini butterfly pendant which elegantly hangs on a brown waxed cotton cord. Another animal pendant is the mini-cat black diamond pendant. This is for the chicks that prefer to give out a clear cut fun spunky message to the guys. The pretty flower in Rosaline moonlight crystal is another nature-lover collection. It can be used with a brown cotton cord.

At this point let us guys move a little bit further across the cheeks and straight to her ear. Whisper sweet nothings as you try to figure out which of these dazzling earrings fit her well and bring out the features and color of her eyes. First up the bella chrysolite pierced earrings. These earrings are made of chrysolite crystals which give out fresh and inviting green tones. This piece of jewelry is very versatile as your lady can wear it anytime of the day and can be matched up with green, black, and white garments.

Here is a pair of rhodium-plated pierced earrings that you can choose from to wow your girl. First up the galet light amethyst pierced earrings then you can make your way towards the galet Capri blue pierced earrings. Both of these elegant ear pieces should surely bring your loved one some joys. With a couple of cheesy lines give this heart Rosaline pierced earring to your lady. It comes in a girly pink color which gives a clear cut message of the woman in her plus your heart beats by her ear every time she wear it.

It may not be the dinner you propose but a ring like the nirvana Capri blue ring can truly give your loved priceless joy and awe. You can also go gold with the Helios desert glow ring.

No matter what you give to the one lady that makes your heart beat faster and even if it’s not in her crystal jewelry wishlist never fear because the simple thought of giving something special ensures that your lady is full of happiness.


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