Best Men's Rings that Hit The Style Spot

Men's Rings Hit The Style Spot

Men's Rings Hit The Style Spot

When does a ring stop being a man’s ring? There seems to be a cross-fertilisation of style when it comes to jewellery. Unisex styles in clothing seem to have given licence for jewellery to go unisex too. Now you can buy anything from gemstone, diamond set in gold and titanium rings for men. Before you would only see men’s rings limited to classic wedding bands.

Now mens’ rings come in all shapes, sizes and different styles. Needless to say, men’s rings vary from the ostentatious bling of the MTV generation to the more subtle, sophisticated silver titanium rings. Pop stars like P Diddy have put diamond-encrusted jewellery on the map. Celebrities and actors have become walking billboards for jewellery retailers falling over themselves in the race to get any exposure for any of their precious jewellery items.

Mens’ watches, mens’ rings in fact anything a man can put on show is the key to nifty accessorising. According to new research out by Verdict, British men and women now spend £2.1billion a year on accessories, one fifth of that is spent on jewellery and watches. So as far as men are concerned, mens’ rings could be just as important an accessory as wearing a watch or carrying the latest mobile phone.  The same trend is seen in India, where young men appear more open about revealing a more feminine side. Jewellery retailers in major Indian cities have seen a boom in sales of mens’ rings, bracelets and earrings.

I asked a number of men how they felt about rings. The answers varied greatly, there were opinions of causal indifference to more cagey, measured responses. Well I’d like it to look classy said one. Another one shuddered at the thought of mens’ rings when I asked him and said “well it’s like putting ten tonne weights on your fingers – not good when it comes to typing on your laptop.” Oh well. Perhaps for some men it’s a fierce choice between technology and fashion. For the most part though, the generation of urban metrosexuals all over the world are entertained by the idea that looking cool just doesn’t stop at a pair of trendy jeans and a t-shirt.

For decades women have mastered the art of accessorising. Anything from hairslides, handbags, rings and costume jewellery have been mixed and matched to revitalise ageing ballgowns, dresses, suits and tracksuit bottoms relegated to the dark recesses of a woman’s wardrobe.  Now there is a chance for men to get in on the accessorising act too. And what better way for a man to make a statement than wearing a couple of mens’ rings with a causal pair of jeans and a t-shirt.


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